The 10 Steps to Building with Cavern Homes

  • Step One

    Visit a Cavern Homes display home. Whether you have searched for us on the internet, read one of our advertisements or been referred by a friend, you will need to see a Cavern Homes display home or visit one of our design centers.

  • Step Two

    Land inspection. If you already have a block or would like us to find you land, we will provide to you at no cost, a detailed written building report to help you select the right home or even a different section.You will also receive a free site plan to scale, showing you how your new home will fit on your land.

  • Step Three

    Preliminary estimate. Once you have a block of land and narrowed down which Cavern Homes design you want than we can give you a preliminary estimate, make any changes to the standard home and even provide a finishing-off package.

  • Step Four

    Finalising your design, inclusions and contract amount. We will work with you to finalise exactly what home you want to build incorporating any design changes and clearly state what inclusions (eg door furniture, appliances and external finishes) you will have. Once you have paid the preliminary services fee of $1,500, an independent qualified engineer will complete a soil test and our registered Architect will include a floor plan and elevations showing your new home on the site. This amount forms part of your fixed price contract, which will be deducted from your overall price. Evaluate the need for any site works (such as retaining walls) and confirm the wind rating for your section. The engineer will then provide the best slab design, based on the results of the soil test inspection. We will then be able to give you a firm price for construction of your home on your section.

  • Step Five

    Precontract. When all the plans are drawn and the final price is confirmed we will arrange a meeting with you to check that everything is documented and costed as you expected it to be and any required changes will be made.

  • Step Six

    Sign Contract. You will sign the complete contract documents including complete working drawings and specification for your new home.

  • Step Seven

    You will then have a colour selection appointment. A qualified colour consultant will sit down with you and help you with your selection: paint colours, bricks, roof finish, wet area tiles, door furniture, and window frame colour. This might take two appointments.

  • Step Eight

    Scheduling and construction. Upon receipt of building approval we can then began to prepare all the orders for material and select qualified trade contractors. We will also start to set times and dates for the trade contractors to come on site and carry out specialist works.

  • Step Nine

    Construction. A designated project manager will be solely responsible for managing the construction of your new home and will oversee a hand selected team of qualified trade contractors. Throughout construction you will regularly meet with the project manager to monitor progress and at completion you will meet together on site to do a final hand over.

  • Step Ten

    Maintenance. We will write to you at the end of the initial six (6) month maintenance period and seek your written advice of any items requiring attention in your new home. Our designated maintenance officer will make a mutually convenient time to conduct a site inspection and determine an appropriate course of action.